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About Natasha Nicole

Hello, everyone! First off, thank you for visiting my page- I’m honored you’re here. Since you are here, allow me tell you a little bit about myself, if I may. 

I am a self-taught artist who began learning how to paint in 2017 shortly after the birth of my first child. All the years before that, I believed the falsehood that art is not a real career- or at least, not a smart one- and chose to put my artistic interests on a shelf, only to be pulled down on the occasions I had no other means by which to pass the time. 

When my child was 4 or 5 months old, I felt that God was leading me to take that artistic interest off the shelf completely and embrace it. 

After experimenting with different mediums, I found I enjoyed oil paints and graphite pencils the most, and began looking at living artists whose work and businesses inspired me, artists such as Carla Grace, Andrew Tischler, Linzy Arnott, and Tim Cox, just to name a few. 

Along with being aesthetically impressive, my ultimate hope is that my art will inspire the imagination, bring some joy, and maybe even tell a story.  

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