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I had the privilege of going to Hawaii back in 2015. I consider my trip to Hawaii to be my first real ocean experience, and if you have ever been to Hawaii, you know the ocean there is wild and beautiful and dangerous. It was during this trip that a love for the ocean began to grow in me.

As with most of my paintings, I began this painting by seeing an image hidden in nature. In this case, I saw a photo of a wild and brilliant Hawaiian wave- a towering wave that appeared to be reaching for the sky. As I studied the image, my imagination took over and a story started evolving of an impossible love between two beings from two different worlds. Cliche, perhaps. But fun to create none the less. Will these two be able to find a way to push past the impossible, enabling themselves to be together for even just a moment? 


This is a custom framed, original oil painting created on a repurposed 24in x 49in MDF board. 

Forever Reaching

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